December 18, 2022

Kobach Selects Former Court of Appeals Judge as Solicitor General

TOPEKA, KANSAS — Kansas Attorney General-elect Kris Kobach today announced the appointment of recently retired Kansas Court of Appeals Judge Anthony J. Powell to serve as Solicitor General. “Judge Powell has earned great respect in the Kansas legal community. As a former judge himself, he knows how to effectively defend the rights of Kansans in state and federal courts,” said …

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December 13, 2022

Attorney General-Elect Kobach to Nominate Tony Mattivi to KBI Post

TOPEKA, KANSAS — Kansas Attorney General-elect Kris Kobach today announced that he will nominate Tony Mattivi to serve as the director of the Kansas Bureau of Investigation when he takes office in January. “Tony Mattivi is a highly qualified public safety professional with decades of experience working with law enforcement to put away some of the nation’s most violent and …

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October 13, 2022

Kobach Launches Law & Order Plan with Endorsement of 35 Kansas Sheriffs

Topeka, Kansas — Kris Kobach today announced that 35 Kansas sheriffs endorse his campaign for Kansas Attorney General. Alongside Shawnee County Sheriff Brian Hill, Kobach laid out his plans to maintain and improve law and order in the state of Kansas. “I know Kris Kobach and have seen his work over the past 20 years. He understands the problems we face …

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September 21, 2022

Kobach Defends Religious Freedom in Federal Court

St. Louis, Missouri — Kris Kobach is defending the religious freedoms of U.S. Air Force members today in federal court. Kobach represents 36 Airmen – primarily from Kansas and Nebraska – who face removal from the U.S. Air Force if they don’t take the COVID vaccine. According to the lawsuit, the Air Force granted 3,781 medical and administrative exemptions However, has …

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September 13, 2022

NRA Endorses Republican Kris Kobach for Attorney General

Topeka, Kansas — The National Rifle Association announced today the endorsement and A rating of Republican Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General. Kobach is running against a liberal Democrat who has stated publicly he will not enforce order defend laws he disagrees with. Kobach is also endorsed by the NRA state affiliate, the Kansas State Rifle Association.

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September 12, 2022

Kansas House and Senate Leadership Endorses Kris Kobach for Attorney General

Topeka, Kansas — Kansas Senate and House Leadership joined a growing list of elected Republicans endorsing Kris Kobach’s campaign for Kansas Attorney General.  “Kansas voters expect our next attorney general to defend the laws passed by our duly elected legislators. Kris Kobach will be an attorney general for all Kansans, aggressively defending all of our laws whether he agrees with …

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August 31, 2022

Kansas Republican Congressional Delegation Endorses Kris Kobach

Topeka, Kansas — Republican members of the Kansas Congressional delegation today announced they endorse Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General. Congressman Ron Estes, Jake Laturner, and Tracey Mann came together today to support Kobach in the general election. “For more than a year, we’ve seen the devastating effects of one-party rule in Washington, which has made the need for a …

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August 30, 2022

Kansas Agriculture Associations Endorse Kris Kobach for Attorney General

Topeka, Kansas — Large Kansas agricultural associations announced endorsements for Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General this week. The Kansas Grain and Feed Association, the Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association, and the Kansas Cooperative Council made the announcement through their collective political action committee, the Kansas Agri Business Council. KABC’s goal is to support candidates who will promote the general welfare of the agricultural industry …

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August 29, 2022

Former Political Rivals Endorse Kris Kobach for Attorney General

Topeka, Kansas — Former political rivals are throwing their support behind Republican nominee Kris Kobach in his bid for Kansas Attorney General. U.S. Senator Roger Marshall announced in a tweet that he endorses Kris Kobach against the liberal Democrat. “The federal government keeps getting bigger and more intrusive,” said Marshall. “We can’t afford a weak AG who bows to Joe Biden …

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May 3, 2022

Kris Kobach Endorsed by Kansans for Life in AG Race

Wichita, Kansas — Kansans for Life announced today that the pro-life organization is endorsing Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General. “With abortion extremists attacking pro-life laws in Kansas, the race for attorney general has never been more important,” KFL PAC Director Kristina Smith said. “Kris Kobach has a long history with our movement. Pro-life Kansans and those we seek to protect …

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