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Establishment attacks conservatives… again


Kobach: Fighting for you. Standing with Trump.

Borders Matter

China Lied

Third Primary Debate

Kansas GOP Senate Debate #3, June 29, 2020

Debate 3 Why did Roger Marshall skip crucial COVID vote?

Kobach Opening Debate 3

Debate 3 closing

Debate 3 Kobach is serious about cutting spending. Marshall is not.

Debate 3 Driving Down Rx Costs

Debate 3: Kobach exchange on temporary ban on foreign workers

Debate 3: Driving down healthcare costs

Second Primary Debate

2nd GOP Senate Primary Debate, May 23, 2020

2nd GOP Senate Primary Debate, Kobach Highlights

Second Kansas GOP Primary Debate Opening

2nd Kansas GOP Primary Senate Debate Closing

Constitution 101

Constitution 101: Basic Principles & Commerce Clause

Constitution 101 Part 2

Constitution 101 Part 3

On the Issues

Transathletes: Unfair to our children

Kris Sheds Light on a Dark Industry

Kris Kobach Shatters the Gun Control Myths of the Left

A Personal Message From Kris