Elected Official Endorsements

He knows the Constitution inside and out. More importantly, he’s willing to fight to defend it. We need him as the next Kansas Attorney General. I encourage all Republicans to get behind Kris Kobach to take the fight to the radical left before it’s too late.

Senator Ted Cruz

“The federal government keeps getting bigger and more intrusive. We can’t afford a weak AG who bows to Joe Biden and his out of control agencies – Kansas won’t be pushed around – that’s why I’m joining Republicans across Kansas and uniting to support Kris Kobach.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall M.D.

U.S. Senator Roger Marshall

Former Governor Jeff Colyer

Attorney General Derek Schmidt

Congressman Ron Estes

Congressman Jake LaTurner

Congressman Tracey Mann

Senate President Ty Masterson

Senate Majority Leader Larry Alley

Senate Vice President Rick Wilborn

Speaker of the House Ron Ryckman Jr.

House Majority Leader Dan Hawkins

“For more than a year, we’ve seen the devastating effects of one-party rule in Washington, which has made the need for a strong Kansas Attorney General all the more important. While my colleagues and I have pushed back against President Biden’s radical, out-of-touch agenda that’s brought us out-of-control inflation and a crisis at our southern border, Kris Kobach is the only Attorney General candidate who will stand as a backstop against federal overreach from the Biden administration. Kris will defend the constitutional rights of all Kansans and Americans.”

U.S. Congressman Ron Estes

Law Enforcement Endorsements

“Kris Kobach was one of my most qualified, competent and dedicated attorneys at the Justice Department when I served as U.S. Attorney General. His experience and skill as an attorney are among the best in the nation.

Former U.S. Attorney General, John Ashcroft

“As a law enforcement administrator, I know Kris Kobach has our back. As a constitutional lawyer, he is the most qualified and experienced candidate to serve as Kansas’s top law enforcement officer. Kris backs the blue, and we back him”

Brandon Mitchell, Ness County Sheriff

Brian Hill, Shawnee County Sheriff

Bill Carr, Ford County Sheriff

Jessica McDaniel-Brown, Greeley County Sheriff

Brandon Mitchell, Ness County Sheriff

Kris Casper, Wichita County Sheriff

Andy Dedeke, Leavenworth County Sheriff

Calvin Hayden, Johnson County Sheriff

Jeff Herrig, Jefferson County Sheriff

Cody Beeson, Cheyenne County Sheriff

Tom Johnson, Coffey County Sheriff

Roger Soldan, Saline County Sheriff

Mike Wilson, Hamilton County Sheriff

Murray Marston, Ellsworth County Sheriff

Ken Davis, Cloud County Sheriff

Chad Gay, Harvey County Sheriff

Tony Perez, Mitchell County Sheriff

Ron Wade, Montgomery County Sheriff

Monty Hughey, Butler County Sheriff

Kevin Friend, Linn County Sheriff

Scott King, Pawnee County Sheriff

John Merchant, Brown County Sheriff

Vernon Valentine, Anderson County Sheriff

Frank Kelly, Miami County Sheriff

Tim Morse, Jackson County Sheriff

Robbyn Hodgs, Rawlins County Sheriff

Gene Ward, Seward County Sheriff

Brian Bellendir, Barton County Sheriff

Jeff Richards, Franklin County Sheriff

Jeff Soyez, Marion County Sheriff

Chris Wells, Osage County Sheriff

Marshall Unruh, Wallace County Sheriff

Mike Warren, Finney County Sheriff

Gary Knight, Rooks County Sheriff

Jerry Montagne, McPherson County Sheriff

Cole Presley, Graham County Sheriff

“The Attorney General is our state’s chief law enforcement official – but also has tremendous power to influence public policy. As a lifelong conservative Republican, I think it is vital that our state enact policies consistent with our conservative, pro-life, pro-constitution values. I cannot support handing the power of the Attorney General over to a Democrat who will use it to advance an agenda in conflict with those values. In full consideration of those facts, I wholly and confidently endorse Kris Kobach for Kansas Attorney General.

Former Federal Prosecutor, Tony Mattivi

“When law enforcement officers are under attack by the media and the Left, Kansas needs an attorney general who has a track record of backing the blue,” said Clarke. “Kris Kobach has experience defending sheriffs across the country, and he is representing Texas sheriffs right now in federal court.”

America’s Sheriff, David Clarke

Organization Endorsements

Chris Mann’s silence on protecting the Second Amendment rights of all law-abiding Kansans has been deafening. Kris Kobach, on the other hand, has voiced overwhelming support for the right to keep and bear arms throughout his career. We encourage all NRA members and supporters in the great state of Kansas to vote Kris Kobach for Attorney General this November.

Travis Couture-Lovelady, NRA State Director

Kansas Agri Business Council

Kansas Grain & Feed Association

Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Association

Kansas Cooperative Council

National Rifle Association

Kansas State Rifle Association

Kansans for Life

Kansas Family Voice

“Unlike some politicians who waiver in the face of attacks from the media and the Left, Kris stands firm in his faith and is never shaken. He has proven himself and will be an excellent attorney general.”

Dr. James Dobson, Founder of Focus on the Family