Shrink Government
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When Government Gets Out of the Way, Americans Thrive

The growth of the federal government has crowded out our liberties. It has crowded out our state governments. And it has crowded out our private organizations.

As Senator I will fight the expansion of government, and I will fight every attempt to raise taxes on the backs of hardworking Kansas families.

But we must do more than stop things from getting worse.  We must make things better. I have proven that it can be done.

When I was Secretary of State, I cut spending and reduced the overall budget of my office every single year for 8 years in a row.

  • When employees retired, I didn’t fill those vacancies whenever possible.  In that way, I reduced the number of employees by 18 percent.
  • My agency’s spending went from $7 million in  2011 to $4.6 million in FY 2016 – that is over a 30 percent reduction.  

Kansas needs a Senator in Washington who will do the same thing with the national budget. We can start by using the opportunity of a generation to shrink the size of government through retirements. As you may know, 11,000 Baby Boomers are retire every day. Many work for the federal government, and not all of those jobs need to be refilled.  

I will stand next to Senators like Rand Paul and fight to reduce the size of our bloated federal government.

When government gets out of the way, then businesses can thrive and succeed. And when businesses succeed Americans suceed.

Expand Liberty

As your Senator, I will fight every day to protect the pocketbooks of taxpayers and to reduce the size of government.

To learn more about my thoughts on the bureaucracy, check out the links below and read my Breitbart columns on the topic.

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