Restore the Constitution
Kansas's next Senator needs to be a constitutionalist!

Fight the Appointment of Activist Judges

I spent the first 15 years of my career as a professor of constitutional law. Our Constitution has been under assault for several decades, most particularly during the Obama years.

Our Second Amendment rights are one vote away from disappearing.

Our religious expression is one vote away from being silenced.

Unconstitutional programs like Obamacare have been sustained by one vote.

The right to life is one vote away from being either restored or further eroded.

Four liberal justices think it’s illegal to ask in the census if you are a citizen even though the 14th Amendment, section 2, requires the federal government to have this information.

Our constitution is now a hollow shell of what the Founding Fathers designed it to be.

But it can be restored.

Kansas’s next Senator needs to be more than a Republican; he needs to be a constitutionalist!!!

I will ask and expect to serve on the Judiciary Committee.

In judicial confirmation hearings, it’s not just about fighting bad nominees from a democratic president who believes that a judge’s role is to reshape the law and to reinvent the constitution. It’s also about making sure that Republican White Houses don’t slip up.  

Senators can be critically important in helping vet nominees and getting the White House to withdraw someone who is not what he or she pretends to be.

At the end of the day, it’s about preserving our constitution for future generations.

Protect our Constitution

As your Senator, I will fight every day to protect our Constitution

To learn more about my thoughts on the federal judiciary and court cases, check out the links below and read my Breitbart columns on the topic.

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