End Illegal Immigration
Build the Wall

Secure the Border

I have spent the past two decades of my career fighting illegal immigration.


  • I served as counsel to the Attorney General at the Justice Department at the time of 9/11 and led the Department’s efforts to plug loopholes in our immigration system.  I designed a system to track high-risk aliens who were living inside the United States. Within a year, that system had led to the arrest of 11 suspected terrorists and hundreds of alien criminals.
  • I co-authored Arizona’s 2010 law known as SB 1070.  I have also drafted laws for Alabama, Missouri, and many other states.
  • I have defended in court many cities across the country who took steps to keep illegal aliens from taking jobs from US citizens.
  • I represented the 10 ICE agents who sued the Obama Administration when he declared the illegal DACA amnesty through executive decree.
  • And have advised President Trump, both before and after his election, on immigration policy. Indeed, the President and I just spoke on the phone about that very subject a few months ago. The President needs an expert on immigration to lead the charge for him in the U.S. Senate.

Build the Wall


Strong borders are essential to fighting terrorism, essential to fighting crime, and essential to protecting American workers.  

They are also essential to protecting taxpayers. Illegal immigration is expensive. It’s already costing us $100 billion a year in public benefits and services consumed by illegal aliens.  

You can learn more about my positions on securing the border by reading some of my columns, published by Breitbart. A few are linked below.

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